MOVIE MONDAY | BASICS 6: Five Critical Mistakes

BASICS 6: Five Critical Mistakes illustrates the importance of safety in the mountains and on the snow

Stand out quotes //

“My one peice of advice to a kid who wants to spend their life in the mountains…patience. It’s a long road…just the patients to not get a head of yourself, not bite off more than you can chew and slowly tic your way up that ladder.” – Jeremy Jones

“The need to explore is something we all feel deep in our bones. We’re driven by our very nature to push the limits of possibility. To takes risks. And to boldly go where no one has gone before.” -Narrator

“If I could erase the risks from all my sports, I certainly would. Wouldn’t it be great to jump out of an airplane and only open your parachute as a option…?” – JT Holmes

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