Movie Monday: Cody LaPlante’s 1st Double Flatstpin

Movie Monday: High Fives Foundation | Woodward Tahoe Summer Camp (Week #5) Guest Coach Cody LaPlante’s 1st Double Flatstpin

The High Fives Foundation will be taking over Woodward Tahoe’s Summer Camp (Week #5) with guest coaches Cody LaPlante and Ian Compton. Check out the awesome video of Cody landing his first double flatspin at this year’s TRAiNS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard Contest. Cody had been practicing this trick for a long time before taking it to the snow. This preparation will be a focus at the Woodward Tahoe Week #5 July 14-20, 2013.

Reserve your spot at Woodward Tahoe Summer Camp today and $50 will be donated to the Foundation.

Click here and have the time of your life this summer at Woodward Tahoe!

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