Movie Monday: Matt Masson Carrying the Olympic Torch

Movie Monday: Matt Masson Carrying the Olympic Torch

Matt Masson (of the United Kingdom) is huge supporter of the CR Johnson Healing Center and a major fan of CR Johnson. Matt suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury when he was 23 years old. He had to undergo many of the same forms of mental rehabilitation and cognitive therapy that CR Johnson did.

Through Matt’s passion for skiing he discovered the Armada CR Johnson Design Jacket. This jacket helps support the CR Johnson Healing Center. Matt has been skiing (which is easier than walking for him) in Chamonix, France. He learned about the High Fives Foundation through the tag on the jacket his mother Anne purchased for him.

Anne Masson wrote the High Fives Foundation, “I have to say that the skiing community has been brilliant. Mattwas in hospital/rehab for 8 months and we were constantly looking for little surprises for him. Armada came up trumps with some great stickers and a signed photo of Tanner Hall. Someone else arranged for a message and photo from Jacob Wester and then Jacob took the time to meet him when he was over in London for The Freeze in 2011, which was very kind of him in the middle of a competition!

Mattcontinues to improve although he has a little way to go yet. He never complains or feels sorry for himself – he just ploughs on with his exercises and does everything he is asked to do. In the summer he was one of 8,000 people chosen to carry the Olympic Flame in the Torch Relay around Britain before the 2012 Olympics. That was a proud and emotional time for us all!”

Anne explained the day Matt Masson got to carry the Olympic Torch, “That was the best day ever. He was determined to do that walk unaided, which he did. I remember a funny thing that happened that is strangely relevant… Before the handover of the flame from one person to the other this kind of carnival parade went past with music and dancing and lots of very enthusiastic High Fiving!”

Help support the CR Johnson Healing Center, buy your own limited edition Armada CR Johnson Design Jacket.

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