Non-Profit Spotlight: Lids On Kids

Non-Profit Spotlight: Lids On Kids (

The NSAA (National Ski Areas Association) promotes the use of helmets on the slopes. They urge skiers and riders to wear a helmet but to ski or ride as if they are not wearing a helmet. NSAA views skiing and snowboarding in a controlled and responsible manner not helmets only as the primary safety consideration for all skiers and boarders. A skiers behavior has as much or more to do with the safety of the sport as does any piece of equipment.

Educate your child about the benefits and limitations of the helmet. Wearing a helmet doesnt give permission to ski or snowboard faster or recklessly. When your child wears a ski helmet, remember you may have to speak louder to get their attention because a helmet may slightly stifle their hearing. Make sure the helmet fits correctly. A Snow Sport helmet is only as effective as its fit. A helmet is not an item you buy for your child to grow into. Please visit the sizing chart to help choose the correct size helmet for your child.

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Stay tuned for exciting news on July 10, 2013 from the High Fives Foundation (which has partnered with POC Sports) for the third installment of the B.A.S.I.C.S. program, focusing on helmet safety!

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