Non-Profit Spotlight: The Turtle Ridge Foundation

Non-Profit Spotlight: The Turtle Ridge Foundation

Enriching the lives of others and building strong communities is what Turtle Ridge is all about.

Olympic Medalist and World Cup Champion, Bode Miller and his family came together in 2005 to establish the Turtle Ridge Foundation. The foundation seeks to provide a voice to people and organizations that empower individuals to solve difficult environmental protection issues and to offer the opportunity for our disabled community and young people to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities that would not be available to them without the TRF’s help.

TRF holds 4 major fundraisers annually, BodeFest, NYC Charity Poker Night, BodeBash and Birds of Prey VIP Cocktail Reception. The funds raised at these events, combined with other individual contributions and corporate sponsors enables TRF to grant money to a variety of dedicated organizations and programs aligned with their mission.

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