Official Launch | High Fives Meet Ups Initiative

Official Launch of the High Fives Meet Ups Initiative

With events on the same night in Denver, San Francisco & Reno! April 29th
*open to anyone and everyone*

Community Lead Justin Pines

Community Lead Jason Abraham

Wait, what’s this “High Fives Community” about? Meet Ups? This seems new…

This is new! We’ve said for years that the most valuable part of High Fives Foundation is its incredible athletes and the amazing connections they form when together in one place. So we asked ourselves 2 vital questions:

  1. How can we open up access to the High Fives family so that we can connect and empower as many people as possible?
  2. How can we provide more opportunities for all these amazing people to come together, build relationships and share awesome experiences?

And so we came up with a new idea:

High Fives Community Meet Ups

The goal is to connect like minded individuals and build a community of support, fun and inclusivity. High Fives Community Meet Ups are inclusive to family, friends, leaders of communities, therapists, care givers, and any and every individual who has experienced or been involved with a life-altering injury and wants to get back to the outdoors and an active, goal-driven lifestyle.

The idea behind High Fives Community Meet Ups are to provide a space for members of the High Fives Community to connect. These meet ups can range in both size and activity – from large happy hour events to group activities such as organized bike rides to coordinated community service efforts. While High Fives staff at HQ will provide a foundation of support for coordinating and planning, there will consistently be opportunities for local High Fives community members to step up in leadership for these events, helping come up with new meet up ideas, drive partnerships with local community organizations, and more.

Does this change other aspects of the High Fives Foundation?

No, all other HFF programming is still in place, including our empowerment grants, adaptive camps and the B.A.S.I.C.S. initiative.

This sounds great! How do I stay involved?

To join the High Fives Community and ensure you hear about Meet Ups in the future, take 2-3 minutes to fill out this sign up form!

Love this, can I share ideas and feedback?

Yes. Please. We want this to grow and evolve based on your input! If you have thoughts you want to share, reply all to this email. We’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

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