Pedal For A Deeper Meaning | Recap

Pedal For A Deeper Meaning

Thank you to everyone involved for making Zach Husted’s DIY campaign a success! Pedal for A Deeper Meaning involved Zach biking the Colorado Trail this summer in record time. He raised $2,505 from 40 SUPPORTERS and 100% of the funds go directly to athletes who have sustained a life-altering injury. Thank you!

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Why Zach reached out to create a DIY Campaign

“I’m inspired by the High Fives athletes who suffered life-altering injuries, and I feel deeply passionate in continuing to promote injury prevention awareness. Having High Fives providing the necessary resources and inspiration to those who suffer life-changing injuries is beyond admirable.

I personally wanted to help High Fives by increasing athlete grants while bike packing the Colorado Trail this summer. Organizing an outdoor product raffle and donation program will allow me to support High Fives athletes with the proper rehabilitation they deserve. All in the name of getting individuals rehabbed and enjoying life to the fullest. I couldn’t be happier to be part of such an amazing movement!!”

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A special thank you to Weston SnowboardsZeal Optics and Swany Gloves!

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