You do a charitable deed, tell Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc. about it, and they will reward one lucky person with a free heli-ski trip to Alaska!

Touring camp in Cordova with PNH Adventure.

Learn more at Photo @SverreHjornevik Gear supplied by @hellyhansen @volkskis @markerproducts @powgloves @smithoptics @clifbar @fitssocks

PNH – 02

Learn more at Photo @CourtLeve Gear supplied by @hellyhansen @volkskis @markerproducts @powgloves @smithoptics @clifbar @fitssocks

1. Give Back or Donate

Give Blood, Make a donation to a favorite charity, or just contribute in any way.

2. Post to Instagram or Facebook

Post a picture of your good deed to Facebook or Instagram with #pnh20years

3. Feel Good & Go Skiing

Feel good about giving back and you’re in the mix to win a free trip to join us this season!

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