Powder and Backflips at Alta: A Special Episode with Louis for High Fives Foundation

Nestled among the majestic peaks of Alta, where the snow whispers tales of adventure, a friendship forged on the slopes between Megan Dingman and Louis, a celebrated #highfivesathlete and professional photographer, continues to inspire and uplift the spirit of community and resilience. Megan, a fervent vlogger and an emerging talent in the skiing world, credits Louis not only as her mentor but as a pivotal figure who introduced her to the remarkable endeavors of the High Fives Foundation.

“Louis and I met many years ago, and our friendship has been a journey of mutual respect and admiration. He’s not just a hero to me for his prowess on the snow but also for his remarkable character off it. My ski career owes a lot to him, for he was the first professional photographer who believed in my potential. But more importantly, through Louis, I discovered the High Fives Foundation and the incredible support network they’ve built for athletes,” Megan shared, her words resonating with gratitude and warmth.

This special episode, “Powder and Backflips at Alta,” hosted on Megan’s YouTube channel, isn’t just a tribute to their enduring friendship but also a platform to shine a light on the High Fives Foundation’s impactful work. This foundation is not just an organization; it’s a beacon of hope, empowering athletes who have faced life-altering injuries, providing them with the resources, community, and inspiration to tackle their challenges head-on.

To celebrate this story of friendship, resilience, and community, we’re excited to announce a donation period starting March 7th, extending till April 30th, dedicated to supporting the High Fives Foundation. Every contribution, starting at $5, directly aids their mission, ensuring that more athletes receive the support they need to thrive.

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