Shredding for a Cause at The 13th Annual Green Mountain Shred A Thon

This March, the slopes of Sugarbush Resort’s Mt. Ellen were more than just a site for skiing and snowboarding—they were a beacon of hope, determination, and community spirit. The High Fives Foundation’s 13th Annual Green Mountain Shred A Thon was not just a celebration of winter sports but a monumental fundraiser that soared past expectations, raising a breathtaking $469,159 towards a goal of $505,000. This remarkable achievement marked a staggering increase from the inaugural event in 2012, demonstrating the power of community and the universal appeal of giving back.

The Mad River Valley has done it again, indeed.

A Day to Remember

Under the clear, New England skies, over 250 participants, including 140 individuals who raised $150 or more, and 27 teams, came together to share “fun laps” with both their peers and inspiring adaptive athletes. These athletes, showcasing incredible resilience and passion, skied alongside participants, offering a tangible reminder of the profound impact of the High Fives Foundation’s mission. View the Photo Album from 13th Annual Green Mountain Shred A Thon HERE.

Funds raised from this year’s event are earmarked to support athletes who have suffered life-changing injuries in outdoor sports, helping them recover and return to the activities they love. This mission was highlighted not only on the day of the shred-a-thon but also from a heartfelt athlete thank you video plus during the preceding week at an adaptive ski camp hosted by the Foundation. Participants, under the expert guidance of Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, honed their skills, some for the very first time on sit-skis, adding depth and personal achievement to the main event. View the Photo Album from the 2024 Sugarbush Ski Camp HERE.

The Power of Community and Sponsor Support

The success of the Green Mountain Shred A Thon is a testament to the power of community involvement and the generosity of sponsors and participants alike. The Mad River Valley, along with skiers, snowboarders, volunteers, and the Foundation’s team, has showcased an unwavering commitment to supporting athletes through their recovery journeys.

Special thanks are due to our sponsors, whose contributions were pivotal in surpassing fundraising expectations. Their support, coupled with the enthusiasm of every participant, volunteer, and supporter, has truly made a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

A Glance into the Heart of High Fives

The week’s festivities included not only the shred-a-thon but also a series of events that celebrated the spirit of the winter sports community. From the Ski The East Pre-Party in Burlington to the emotionally charged Full Circle Premiere with Trevor Kennison, the Foundation’s events were a showcase of joy, resilience, and community spirit. View the Photo Album from the Full Circle Premiere at Sugarbush HERE.

Trevor Kennison, an accomplished adaptive skier and a beacon of inspiration within the High Fives community, shared his excitement and the joy skiing brings to his life since his spinal cord injury in 2014. Witnessing the smiles and shared stoke at Sugarbush confirmed the deep love and appreciation for skiing and snowboarding that unites this vibrant community.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the success of the 13th Annual Green Mountain Shred A Thon, we are reminded of the strength found in unity and the incredible impact of collective action. The High Fives Foundation, along with every participant, sponsor, and supporter, looks forward to continuing this journey of support, recovery, and shared joy in the great outdoors.

To everyone who made this year’s event a monumental success, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Your generosity, spirit, and love for the sport and each other have truly made a difference. We invite everyone to check out the photos and videos from the event, capturing the essence of a community united for a noble cause.

Here’s to many more years of shredding for a cause, fostering resilience, and celebrating the human spirit on and off the slopes.

Thank You, Mad River Valley. Here’s to the next chapter.

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