Return to Snow Track Day 2

Recently, we were lucky enough to experience a new and exciting camp that combined our love of going fast, with snow and high-powered Can-Am side by sides.

The event was Return to Snow near Aspen, Colorado. We gathered 7 rad athletes, some of whom traveled all the way from California for the opportunity to get in Return to Dirt’s fully accessible hand-control operated vehicles and rip them around on a snow and ice track.

Tyler Wano, Soren Lindholm, Tyler Williams, Matt Tychsen, Luis Arredondo, Quincy Snyder, Kirstie Ennis all came and had a great time on the track.

We can talk about how great it was and how much fun everyone had, but it is much more enjoyable to hear from the Athletes themselves.

The Return to Dirt ice track day is the coolest experience I have ever had behind the wheel. I can’t believe that a track like that even exists. I also think it’s important for the blog to know that I beat Roy’s lap time :smiling_imp: Better luck next year.Thank you so so much to the whole High Fives Return to Dirt family for including me in this beyond epic day! Can’t wait for more

-Matt Tychsen High Fives Athlete #526

Tyler Wano

Highlight of my winter! When can we go again?
-Tyler Williams

Absolutely amazing!! Well worth ditching school for a day
-Tyler Wano High Fives Athlete #240

This second Snow Track Day was highly satisfying. It started with pretty heavy snow but then got better throughout the afternoon. A private track is just the best place to share vehicles with all types of drivers and sliding through the corners is unreal fun. Then add in some Dunkin Sno-Nuts and nothing could top it

-Tim Burr Return to Dirt Program Coordinator

The man behind the scenes

High Fives Foundation and Return To Dirt would like to thank  SureGrip Hand Controls, Glenwood Springs Jimmy John’s, Wells Lamont and Xtratuf for their support. Without you, this camp and many others would not be possible. Thank you for your support!


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