Roy Tuscany Joins The ESPN SportsCenter

ESPN tried to kill the High Five

On May 22nd, ESPN released this article, Has the coronavirus ruined the high-five?, and it got us thinking…how to turn this into positive news since we adapted our name to that gesture & celebration.

Roy Tuscany, Founder & CEO of High Fives, texted his friend Kenny Mayne (ESPN Sportscenter) and asked him “WHY IS ESPN TRYING TO KILL MY FOUNDATION?” and within minutes Kenny texted back to say that SPORTSCENTER is looking for positive storylines and that they wanted to feature HIGH FIVES FOUNDATION on Friday night’s programming, so here is the 4 minute segment!

This is how I see things, always trying to find the positive out of the negative

Roy Tuscany


In 1977, Dusty Baker gave birth to the high-five after hitting 30 home runs on the last day of the season!

Now what?

Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic kill the High Five. Stay home when sick, wash your hands, don’t touch your face. The virus is mostly spread through respiratory droplets, either by breathing them into the lungs or by touching a surface that has droplets on it and then touching the face.

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