Sierra Vista Bike Day

Summer bike days are coming to and end, what a blast we had this past summer at Sierra Vista bike park in Reno!

The High Fives FoundationBiggest Little Trail Stewardship, and the City of Reno opened a new adaptive mountain bike trail at Sierra Vista Bike Park on June 2, 2023 and the crew got back together to celebrate it’s success. Together we are creating a Trailblazing Mountain Biking Trail System at Sierra Vista.

The realization of this ambitious project would not be possible without the unwavering support and collaboration of various individuals and organizations. The City of Reno, under the guidance of Matt and April, has been instrumental in providing additional funding for this program through their inclusion initiative. Their belief in Sierra Vista’s vision has propelled the project forward, bringing it closer to its ultimate goal. The gratitude expressed towards these supporters and other key figures from Biggest Little Trail Stewardship, such as Steve and Curtis, underscores the collective effort required to create an exceptional mountain biking trail system.