Soaring High with Randy Ewing – Eagle Spirit Award Recipient

Soaring High with Randy Ewing – Eagle Spirit Award Recipient

After suffering a traumatic brain injury while skiing, Randy Ewing helped others by volunteering and raising funds for the Foundation. He was recently awarded the Eagle Spirit Award from Sharp HealthCare Foundation for his efforts. Congratulations Randy!

On Thanksgiving 2010, Randy Ewing suffered a traumatic brain injury(TBI) after falling in Main Park at Mammoth Mountain mid-way through a day of riding. After a month in the hospital and a few months of therapy, Randy was able to re-learn essential skills like walking and talking, as well as re-build his brain’s ability to build new memories.

Since then, Randy has fully recovered and returned to school at UCSD, and work at Outback Adventures, a campus-run rental shop.

After suffering such a massive injury, Randy realized how important it was to have help along the road of recovery. Randy decided that the best way he could help was to organize a benefit at UCSD to build awareness as well as a chunk of change to donate to the High Fives Foundation.

After nine months of hard work, the event went down on November 10th. Both “Retallack” and “Art of Flight” were shown, and thousands of dollars in prizes were raffled off. The result was a huge success for High Fives and CRJ, as well as for Randy, having raised more than $4,000 to donate.

Take a look at all the fun that went down, as well as the special guests who showed up!

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