A Message from High Fives supporter, Dr. Sasquatch Soap Co.

The newest members of the Dr. Squatch family. Save 10% when you buy the whole kit!
The newest members of the Dr. Squatch family. Save 10% when you buy the whole kit!

Hey There Bearded Brethren,

If looks could kill, then we’d be under arrest here at Dr. Squatch. We’ve got a criminally good lineup of brand-new shaving tools and accessories that will leave you with America’s most wanted mug. Mix warm water with our all-natural and ultra-soothing Clay Mint Bar in the kick-ass, made-in-America copper mug to work up an extremely rich lather. Then, use our super-soft, cruelty-free synthetic brush to apply evenly on your face, so you can easily un-cuff the scruff.

New to the concept of wet shaving?  We’ve got you covered with our definitive guide to wet shaving, which highlights all of the benefits of this approach to a tightly trimmed look. It’s time to sentence razor burns, ingrown hairs, uneven shaves, and exorbitant costs to a life behind bars.

Keep Squatchin’,

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