Happy Fourth of July | Our Mountains are Your Mountains

On this Independence Day weekend, Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows celebrates that all are welcome in the mountains. We all enjoy the mountains in different ways and share a strong connection to this special place. Happy 4th of July!

“Happy Independence Day and welcome to Freedom Fest 2017!”

As you all know, this season was truly historic and now is our time to celebrate! We have tons of snow and the skiing and riding has been incredible. This has hands down been the most remarkable month of June ever and it comes on the tail end of a phenomenal winter. The passion and love for skiing and riding that we have seen this June has been infectious and we could not be more thrilled to continue operations as long as the snow lasts. This weekend we get to enjoy the beauty of Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe, take some runs on our skis and boards, and enjoy some incredible free live music, with a lineup that includes my friend Todd and his great band, Big Head Todd and The Monsters. And of course we will have fireworks!

This holiday weekend concludes on Tuesday the 4th, Independence Day and while I won’t wander into our great nation’s political muck and mire, I will very clearly assert a perspective on behalf of our prideful team:

Here at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows we embrace and celebrate the ethnic, lifestyle choice and cultural diversity of our community and nation. Not only are the freedoms that bring about this diversity at the very core of our nation’s ethos, they are in essence what we’re celebrating from now through Tuesday. How do we actually express this? Simply put, there are no walls here, just beautiful mountains and we warmly welcome all who enjoy if not love the mountains, regardless of their faith, cultural background, ethnicity and more! More simply stated, all will find a warm welcome here at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

Nuestras montañas son tus montañas
جبالنا هي الجبال الخاصة بك

Throughout this Independence Day weekend we have much to celebrate. On behalf of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, I welcome you to Freedom Fest and say, with vigor and purpose, in all languages, “our mountains are your mountains.” This sentiment is further expressed in the short film: Our Mountains Are Your Mountains.

Happy Fourth of July!

Warm regards,
Andy Wirth
Andy Wirth
President & Chief Executive Officer
Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC
Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

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