Satisfying Chinese Gourmet & Hibachi Steakhouse

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The eclectic offerings of Asian food have been widely praised and appreciated wherever they have undertaken. You too can enjoy your experience at The Chinese Gourmet Sushi Yoshi and Hibachi Steakhouse & help raise funds for the High Fives Foundation during, FISHLANTHROPY, Oct. 25th.



In 1991 the Chinese Gourmet opened as a take-out restaurant in Killington, VT. Two years later the business grew and they couldn’t be more excited. All the food was served in to-go boxes at the tables!

In 1995 while the owners were on a trip to Palau, an island off the coast of Japan, they tried sushi and were hooked. They hired a Japanese consultant, Yataka Yoshida of Brookfield, CT and expanded the restaurant by offering sushi. The business has expanded with ventures in New York, Stowe and Killington, VT.

In the summer of 2002, The Chinese moved into a larger building and decided to add even more excitement to the restaurant by including Hibachi grills.

In 2010 the owners decided to add 4 more Hibachi tables and 4 more Tatame rooms to the restaurant, making it one of the largest in the area.

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