Thanks Shane! A Tribute to the FAT Ski Revolution

Thanks Shane! A Tribute to the FAT Ski Revolution

This week we celebrate the life of our hero and friend, Shane McConkey with the Pain McShlonkey Classic (March 29-30) at Squaw Valley. The inspiration he brought to thousands of skiers across the world is amazing. Shane’s innate ability to change the paradigm of skiing was one his biggest draws.

Beginning in the 1990’s Shane always had a different approach to how skis should ski and ultimately be made.Arguably the biggest proponent for change in ski shape, size, camber and sidecut, Shane sparked a revolution with the the advent of the Volant Spatula ski.This ski not only opened the door for more skiers to enjoy powder, but also adaptive skiers to float with greater ease through the Spatula’s influence on ski shape in the years to come.

Read Shane’s ski manifesto Brain Floss – A Guide to the Volant Spatula.

Learn more about the history modern powder skis and Shane’s influence on them through Janne Niini’s article: A Tribute to Shane McConkey – The Story of Rocker Skis

As skiers we owe much of the fun have on snow to Shane. Join the fun and light-hearted celebrations this weekend at Squaw Valley during the Pain McShlonkey Classic!

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