The early bird gets the Early Bird?

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The old adage saying, “The early bird gets the worm” has been slightly remixed by the Military to the Mountain event.

High Fives recently hosted 19 veterans at the world-famous Palisades Tahoe ski resort for six days of sliding on snow, team building, laughter, pushing limits, and healing.

Every veteran took full advantage of all the opportunities afforded to them. We saw all of the Athletes grow and bond over their time at the camp, but we needed to extend a little bit of special appreciation to one Athlete in particular.

High Five Athlete 221 and veteran, Randy Nantz, showed us his appreciation and stoke for the event each minute of the day. He made an extra effort to be the first person to arrive every day, well before he was expected to be there. By doing this, he showed us all that he was taking full advantage of the event and set an excellent example for others in attendance.

It is with Randy’s tremendous respect to High Fives and everyone involved that we are able to remix the old adage and show our appreciation to him by sending him a brand new high-end mattress courtesy of Early Bird Mattresses.  Tongue and cheek, changing the term to, “the early bird gets the Early Bird.”

Randy, we appreciate your extraordinary efforts and hope that you had an incredible time at Military to the Mountains 2022. We know that you will enjoy your mattress, all thanks to Early Bird!

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M2M CA – Day 2 Palisades-130
M2M CA – Day 2 Palisades-164