The growth in prosthetic surf feet over the years

Professional surfer & #HighFivesAthlete, Tommy Counihan IV, speaks towards the growth in prosthetics surf feet over the years.

Modified tread to improve Grip and flexibility. Leg is shortened to aid with faster pop ups. This version was created in 2012 and would be my go-to design for years to come.

Tommy Leg

Improved split toe design to create more “ankle flexion” further improving grip. This seemingly small modification greatly increased my ability to control the board allowing me to charge bigger surf. Created 2017.

Tommy Leg V2

Ditched old designs in favor of simpler mechanics to improve grip. With a better tread design, rolling up the inside of the foot, I ended up with better range of motion without sacrificing grip and control. This leg helped me have the confidence to surf 20-30ft waves on the Oregon coast. Created 2020.

Tommy Leg V1

Versa foot VF2, created by “Monster” Mike Schultz to aid his return to motocross after a racing injury resulted in amputation above the knee. Used by elite adaptive athletes around the world, the Versa foot is purpose built to perform in the most extreme activities and environments With numerous ways to adjust the shock absorption, this foot can be adapted to various extreme sports activities like biking, MX, snowboard and skiing.

Tommy Leg Monster

Who is #HighFivesAthlete Tommy Counihan IV

After completing training as a Combat Engineer in Feb of 2010 Tommy Counihan IV was stationed at Ft. Polk, LA with 4th BSTB 10th Mountain Division. They deployed in October of 2010 to Logar, Afghanistan as a Route Clearance Package or RCP. While escorting a supply unit back to FOB Shank, just weeks before he was scheduled to return home for R&R, Thomas’s vehicle was struck by an IED. The blast was devastating to his right leg but luckily there were no other injuries in the vehicle. Several weeks later, after much consideration, Thomas decided to amputate the remaining parts of his right foot.

Recovery was a long road but Thomas found renewed strength and hope when he returned to his favorite sport, Surfing.

I’ve been a Veteran and amputee for 10 years. I’ve been blessed to take advantage of so many opportunities provided by nonprofits but in my experience, High Fives Foundation is THE best organization for adaptive athletes in the country, maybe the world.

#HighFivesAthlete Tommy Counihan IV