The High Fives Foundation’s newest safety documentary “CHOICES”

High Fives Releases B.A.S.I.C.S. “CHOICES”

A safety education documentary available free online and touring nation wide.

CHOICES is a documentary-style film produced by the High Fives Foundation highlighting safety education and the smart decisions any athlete can make to enjoy a lifetime of activities in the mountains and on the snow. This documentary is the fifth installment of the B.A.S.I.C.S. Program Service. B.A.S.I.C.S. is an acronym standing for Being Aware Safe In Critical Situations. The goal is to instill safety as a priority when on the mountain.

Lake Tahoe action sports professional JT Holmes aided in the development of the program starting in 2010. “B.A.S.I.C.S. was created as a way to catch young mountain sports athletes before they crash and suffer a life-altering injury,” he said.

Also appearing in the film —

Daron Rahlves – Red Bull Athlete
JT Holmes – Red Bull Athlete
Cody LaPlante – Red Bull Athlete
Toby Miller – Red Bull Athlete
Bud Keene – BK Pro Snowboarding Camps
Jon Rockwood – Professional Skier
Roy Tuscany – High Fives Foundation Executive Director
Greg Martin – Filmmaker

The High Fives Foundation premiered the film Friday, October 23rd in Truckee, Calif. kicking off their nation-wide tour of the film to schools, ski clubs, ski resorts, and industry professionals to promote safety and decision making with the goal to help prevent avoidable life-altering injuries.

Covered in the film are these topics:

#RiderAwareness – Learn the trails carefully. Be mindful of snow conditions and obstacles like rocks, trees, ice, and cliffs. Take mental notes about the mountain every time you ski or ride. Watch the segment HERE.

#BePrepared –  The best way to learn is from your friends, family and coaches. Be methodical about your training and preparations. The most elite athletes are the most prepared skiers and riders — try to be like them! Watch the segment HERE.

#ChairliftSafety –  Always put the bar down, no matter what age you are . Sit WAY back until you safely exit. Follow all mountain chairlift rules so you can have more fun skiing. Watch the segment HERE.

#KnowYourMountain – Review and respect resort and ski patrol signage. It is there to help athletes make smart choices based on mountain conditions, abilities, dangerous obstacles, and other important info. Watch the segment HERE.

#ChooseYourAdventure – This is the intro of the film. JT Holmes says it best, “Every highly accomplished mountain man or woman bares the scare of a life-changing experience, it’s a strong reminder that the choices we make have a lasting impact on our lives and everyone around us.” Watch the segment HERE.

#PassingTheTorch – If you teach the lessons early, it will last forever. Sharing knowledge can promote smart decision making for years to come. Watch the segment HERE.

#LaPlanteBrothers – The LaPlante brothers teach us important things to think about while following our peers and filming them. “Train together, progress together.” Watch the segment HERE.

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