The Last High Five of 2022

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You may have seen emails, text or social media posts from lots of different Athletes regarding the final fundraiser of the year, The Last High Five of 2022. This is a fundraiser that we always put a lot of effort and time into to make it successful and fun for all those who wish to help the Foundation. With $300,000 in matching funds, Athletes reached out to their networks and competed to raise money. The main contest was for the most overall funds earned but there were many day contests for prizes throughout the entirety of the event.

We were very excited for the prizes we had to give away this year which included 1 fully custom adaptive dirt bike plus the opportunity to attend MOTODEMPTION in 2023, a Concept ski erg, rower and stand, A Return to Dirt Camp, a spot on the Hawaii Ohana camp, A High Fives Reach Program and many more prizes. These amazing prizes would be awarded to the top 15 earners. We also had  Gopros and  Theraguns to give away throughout the month.

Signup for the contest began in early November with matching officially starting on November 29th, Giving Tuesday.  The amazing partners who provided the matching funds allowed every dollar generously donated to stretch that much farther. If someone had $10 to donate High Fives received $20. Immediately we saw the reach out that many had done come to life. The dollars quickly began to stack up.

With the battle for first changing between multiple individuals, it was really fun to watch all Athletes getting donations to their page. You could see who was gunning for a top 15 prize, utilizing all of the bonus opportunities. These Athletes were strategic, taking advantage of any way to earn extra funds for their page.

The Last High Five of 2022 saw 86 High Fives Athletes sign up and garner in over 2,262 donations from friends, family, and their community. These are amazing numbers, and we applaud and appreciate every single one of these Athletes.

The Winner
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After an unbelievable fundraiser in which we saw over $589,474 raised, more than any other High Fives Fundraiser ever, the winners were officially announced. Rio Peterson raised a total of $27,034 and won himself first pick from the list of prizes.

Rio chose to come to Hawaii on our Ohana surf trip, Congratulations Rio!

Although, Rio won the overall, it wasn’t a cakewalk. Rio had to beat many other Athletes who were quickly raising funds as well. With the big prizes going to the top 15 earners but prizes going to the top 55, everyone was keen to support the cause.

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We have said it time and time again but it never feels as if our gratitude is properly expressed. To all Athletes, donors, friends, family, and anyone who has ever contributed to the success of High Fives and fundraisers like The Last High Five. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

You are the reason that we are able to meet a young athlete who’s life has just been forever changed and extend a helping hand to them, and not just tell them, but show them that life will be great.