The Visit Oceanside Adaptive Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour(AASP) Continues to Make Waves in the Sport with Unprecedented Growth and Prize Money

The Association of Adaptive Surfing Professionals (AASP) sponsored by Visit Oceanside has just concluded another successful season, marking a significant milestone in the world of adaptive surfing. With 96 athletes from 17 countries participating in various events around the globe, AASP has firmly established itself as a leader in promoting inclusivity, athleticism, and excellence within the adaptive surfing community.

The 2023 season was nothing short of remarkable, as AASP’s commitment to the sport was exemplified through the generous distribution of over $134,000 in prize money. This remarkable contribution not only highlights AASP’s dedication to promoting adaptive surfing but also emphasizes their unwavering support for the athletes who continue to inspire and amaze us with their resilience and determination.

One of the standout events of the season was the U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championship (ASC) powered by the University of St Augustine, which witnessed extraordinary growth since its inception. Charles “Chaka” Webb, a respected figure in the adaptive surfing community, expressed his enthusiasm for the sport’s rapid expansion. He stated, “I’m overwhelmed by the enormous growth from the first year of the U.S. Open ASC at 45 athletes to this year, almost 100 athletes, and the prize money growth from the first year $13,000 to now $32,000. To watch the new faces of our sport that are young water men and women charging and very challenging conditions and surfing some of the world’s elite waves at such a high level. I am blessed to be part of such an amazing community of elite professional athletes.”

AASP’s dedication to growth doesn’t stop here. Looking ahead to 2024, they are excited to announce the addition of Byron Bay to their event roster. This expansion signifies AASP’s commitment to raising the stakes for the platform and the athletes they support. As the sport continues to evolve, AASP is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of adaptive surfing.

Throughout the season, AASP demonstrated their passion for the sport, their athletes, and their global community. The Hawaii ASC, Costa Rica Open Pro of Adaptive Surfing, and the U.S. Open ASC provided an extraordinary platform for adaptive surfers to showcase their talents and inspire others.

AASP remains dedicated to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for adaptive surfers worldwide. Their commitment to nurturing the growth of the sport, increasing prize money, and expanding their event locations sets the stage for an exciting and promising future for adaptive surfing.
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