MotoDemption 2023

MotoDemption makes motocross a reality for those with physical disabilities by providing the bikes, adaptations, instructors, and resources necessary for safe and fun riding.

“Still gonna send it.” It means you’re not giving up anything, you’re not sacrificing anything your old life had. You’re still going to do everything you did.

This quote captures the resilience and determination of Matt, who is committed to pursuing his passion for dirt biking despite a life-changing accident. It emphasizes the idea that adversity doesn’t have to stop you from doing what you love.

Meet Matt Tychsen! High Fives Athlete, Matt, achieves his first ride back with his dad, he also earned himself a custom adaptive bike for future endeavors. Matt’s passion for dirt biking began at the age of seven, and he poured his heart into the sport, supported by his dedicated family. Despite a severe accident resulting in popped lungs and broken ribs, his determination to return to biking remained unwavering. The unwavering support of his family, especially his father, played a vital role in his emotional recovery and triumphant return to dirt biking. Matt’s story resonated with the community, leading to the gift of a Stark electric bike that symbolized resilience and determination.

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