Tyler Turner wins High Fives first gold medal of the 2022 Paralympics

All High Five Athletes competing in China at the 2022 Paralympics have made us very proud. It is incredible to see years of hard work and tireless dedication come together on the world stage. All Athletes except for Jasmin Bambur and Matt Brewer (who will have their chance to shine tonight) have competed at least once in either speed skiing events or snowboard cross.

After a sky diving accident caused Canadian Tyler Turner to have both legs amputated, he had to decide to continue onward and find another gear to get his life back on track. He eventually returned to skydiving and surfing, and most recently, he began competing in snowboard cross.

Turner’s season came together at precisely the right time. A hand full of top 5 finishes transitioned to a first-place finish at World Champs as he found his prime speed in the weeks leading up to the games. The pressure must have been immense with a first-place coming into the games, but it did not show.  The 33-year-old posted the fastest time in qualifying runs and finished first in the quarter-final and semifinal races.

It was Tyler’s race coming into the finals, and he did not disappoint. Turner crossed the finish line well ahead of his competition and, in doing so reached the top of the podium at his first Winter Paralympics, just five years after a life-changing injury damaged his legs to the point of amputation.

Turner on his way to gold

We all knew you could do it, Tyler. Way to inspire us never to give up and show us what can happen if you put your mind and heart into something. You are a Paralympic gold medalist. We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see you again soon.

Gold Medal
Podium Represent!
Tyler Turner Gold