Waco BSR Surf presented by Nuvasive


All of the elements truly lined up for this camp. One of the greatest wave pools around, amazing sponsors and watermen, and some of the best adaptive surfers in the world. One wouldn’t necessarily guess that they would be riding a perfect wave in the middle of Texas, but that was the case for this camp.

12 adaptive Athletes assembled in Waco Texas at the BSR Wave pool for a day of shredding some waves Trevor Kennison, Matthew Brewer, Kriss Biggs, Alex Duff, Derrick Ross, Vanessa Ross, Chaka Webb, Josh Sager, Bobby Aiken, Lawrence Green, and, Tommy Counihan were keen as ever.

Surfing can be far from an accessible sport at times. It is always possible, and with the right people in place, an adaptive surfer can get in the water, but it is something that is a factor. Sand, rocks, steep loose access points make for interesting challenges. Once in the water, Tide, weather, wind, currents all add to the puzzle that is surfing. To get on one wave a surfer has had to battle a whole handful of challenges. When you love the sport ( Which these Athletes do ) you make it happen, but a lot of your time surfing is spent well.. not surfing.

The BSR Surf ranch makes surfing all about surfing. Smooth flat entrances and perfect waves give adaptive surfers the ability to focus on improving their surfing. Thank to the world-class waves and accommodations of BSR the crew was able to connect on and off the water and focus on shredding some waves.

Tommy Surf
Trev Surf

Wave after wave everyone in the water was treated to ideal conditions. Everyone was ripping waves back to back. With the man-made wave the operators at BSR were able to customize it for each Athletes’s skill and favorite wave type.  A new surfer could have a bit of a softer wave and then the wave could change for a more experienced surfer right behind them.

“The BSR wave pool gave the opportunity for a collective group of adaptive athletes to enjoy waves in a safe environment for all to learn and progress their surfing skills. we look forward to returning and continuing to progress the adaptive sports movement and increase the participation”

Roy Tuscany, CEO of High Fives

The whole experience at BSR was unbelievable the combination of the staff and the pool made for something no one involved with will be forgetting anytime soon. We cannot wait to get back!

For a full Photo Recap Check out the Photos by Jordan Drew Here 

Alex Duff
Lawrence Green
Matthew Brewer
Roy Tuscany
Matthew Brewer

We would like to extend an extra special High Five to all water and partners who made this possible. Leus Towels, Fat Tire Brewing, Macski Waveskis, BSR, Buell, and, Nuvasive