High Fives Winter Action Sports Ambassador Program [WSAP] Thanks Griff MacFadyen!

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Griffin MacFadyen is a 12-year-old snowboarder from Dover, Vermont. He caught the attention of the High Fives Foundation after his mind-blowing video edits were featured by Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Snowboarding, among other channels in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

The idea was hatched that Griffin would ask friends and family to pledge money to the High Fives Foundation based on his competitive results during the snowboarding season. Griffin’s continued work with the High Fives Foundation has lead to the development of the High Fives Winter Action Sports Ambassador Program. Now for the first time other competitive skiers and snowboarders have the opportunity to leverage their hard work and achievement to bring positivity into the world of winter action sports.

Thank you Griff for your movement and support this season! Keep up the good work and High Five!

Thank your to Griff’s supporters!

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