2018 Mind Body Solutions Yoga Camp

Teacher Training, Adaptive Yoga Retreat

High Fives Foundation received $10,000 from lululemon Here To Be Ambassador Grant Fund. This funding was used to send 5 yoga instructors to Mind Body Solutions Adaptive Yoga Workshop in Minnetonka, MN. The teacher training workshop was lead by Matthew Sanford, a nationally recognized yoga teacher, public speaker and fellow adaptive athlete. 


The goal of this week-long workshop was to educate our trainers in the unique methods and principals of adaptive yoga. The knowledge our trainers gained from Mind Body Solution, and Matthew Sanford, will then be shared with High Fives Athletes and community members in future adaptive yoga camps to assist in their recovery processes. This was a wonderful experience for our trainers who attended, and we can’t wait to share what they learned with those recovering from life-altering injury.

For years I tried to find someone to teach me yoga. Time and time again, I was told no. I think it was daunting- to stay true to the principles of yoga while also adapting it to a disabled audience. Mind Body Solution’s Matthew Sanford has taken all the yogic principles and made them accessible to all people, regardless of their abilities.

Holly McGowen


The $10,000 from lululemon Here To Be Ambassador Grant Fund went towards five $800 registration fees, travel and lodging. The 5 trainers included Holly McGowan, Sherry McConkey, Josh & Lacy Dueck and Ann Cazalot.

We all loved the workshop. It blew our minds, melted our hearts and reconnected our bodies in ways that are indescribable. So much love to High Fives, Mind Body Solutions and lululemon for brining this experience to life

Josh Dueck, High Fives Athlete

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