2018 Santa Cruz Surf Camp

High Fives Santa Cruz Surf Camp

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Over the last six years, the High Fives Foundation has been fortunate to host a number of surf camps across the country with the help of coaches and waterman like Le Grand Adventure Tours, Jeff Robertson, Tyler Lausten, Rob Jarvis, Bruce Boyle, Jeff Easter and others. September 16-23 saw nine High Fives Athletes discovering the joys of surfing on the infamous breaks of Santa Cruz in Northern California.

I’ve been surfing Santa Cruz my entire life, and to show this new crop of folks my stomping ground was an honor. If I had a nickel for every smile I saw at Pleasure Point during the camp, I’d be a rich man.

gleamed High Fives Surf Coach Rob Jarvis

One of the camp participants was 17-year-old Florida native George Gonzalez. George was involved in a 2017 snowboard accident that led to a spinal cord injury. The teenager worked tirelessly at Craig Hospital, and seeing where his recovery could take him, George set his second goal in the High Fives X Arcade Goal Belt Program to get back into the ocean and surf again. He was a perfect fit for the Santa Cruz surf camp.

George is still young, and it was cool to see him open up to peers as the week progressed. By the end of the week he was catching waves, cracking jokes and just having a great time. I’m glad he met his goal and had a great time!

Steve Wallace, Program Services Director for the High Fives Foundation

Waves were caught, great meals were created, laughter was shared. The week ended up being one to emulate in the future. Each Athlete had an amazing time, and that was because they felt safe and secure in the water because of the coaches and watermen that graciously donated their time.

This week speaks to exactly why I do this. Pushing people into waves and watching the smiles that are created is worth way more than any job could pay!

Jeff Easter, High Fives Surf Coach

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