Meet watermen Jeff Easter!

Jeff Easter from San Diego, an adventure tour guide, has volunteered to assist the High Fives Foundation for the last few years as an expert surf coach and watermen. He has added safety and participant confidence to each camp that he has been a part of.

During this week’s San Clemente Surf Camp, Jeff coached Derrick Ross in a one-on-one fashion, and it really helped him make progress.

Derricks confidence was through the roof. That makes all the difference in surfing. He’s also stronger and super stoked on it.

Jeff was proud to say

It wasn’t only the actual surfing that Jeff worked on with Derrick; it was where to be in the ocean, and the etiquette.

I worked a lot with him on positioning in the lineup. That is probably the most important thing when you’re looking to have a good experience surfing.

said Jeff

Jeff spent most of the day coaching Derrick, and he made significant progress. The biggest win, however, was that Derrick was having fun out there. He was described by many participants on the surf camp as “the most stoked person out there.”

Jeff even looked back to last years San Clemente Surf Camp, in which Derrick participated, and he had made a comment that left him smiling, “he (Derrick) was also smiling after missing waves. The frustration was gone from last year; he was just stoked to catch the next one.”

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