2021 #haveAday | International Adaptive Activity Day

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August 1st is known as International Adaptive Activity Day aka #HaveAday! The High Fives Foundation came together with Kelly Brush Foundation and Victoria’s Victory Foundation to encourage Adaptive Athletes to get outside and do something they love. The Athletes used the hashtag #haveAday to promote activity and inclusion. The posts not only inspired many, but also encouraged other individuals with disabilities to get out and explore the world. The day was a major success and is an annual event from here on out.

Megan Wemmer

@Megwem- My favorite way to #haveaday is Always outside. Usually wet, dirty, and tired. Thanks for helping make this happen High Fives Foundation- Meg Wemmer High Fives Athlete #73

If we saw just a handful of people getting active and having a day we would’ve considered it a success, but we saw far more than just a handful. Over 118 different posts were had on August 1st. These posts were made of different people doing all kinds of different adaptive sports. Posts were made from 10 different states and 3 countries including Canada, and New Zealand.

Everyone blew us away with their ambition to get out and explore the areas around them, meet new friends, and try something new. These 90 different individuals inspired the world while doing a multitude of different sports and activities 

#HaveADay Quick Facts
118 Participants
3 Countries
10 States
18 Different Sports

#haveaday sports

Mountain Biking, Sky Diving, Road Biking, Golfing, Kayaking, Hiking, Dog Walking, Martial Arts, Wake Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Paragliding, Wheeling, Luge, Track, Surfing, Yoga, Skiing, Rock Climbing

Here are some of the amazing photos posted using the hashtag #haveaday

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