2023 Golf Tournaments Recap

The 2023 Charity Golf Tournament series exceeded all our expectations and brought together hundreds of golf enthusiasts and 30+ High Fives athletes from all over the country, raising more than $300,000 at four different events in support of High Fives Foundation.

Raised over $75,000

Raised over $85,000

Raised over $80,000

Each of these tournaments provide their own unique charm. From the crazy costumes and tough heckling in Colorado, the rainy but mighty Pennsylvania High Fives Athlete-run tournament, the fall colors of the Vermont Mad River Valley, and the hometown finisher here in Truckee, California, less than a mile from our headquarters—there was no short of enthusiasm and excitement within the series thanks to our incredible participants.

We can’t wait to see what next year’s events will bring at Vail Golf Club, Windber Country Club, Sugarbush Golf Club, and Gray’s Crossing Golf Course.

TEE you again next year!