Honoring our Veterans

A heartfelt thank you to all veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces for your dedication to defending our nation.

Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to pause and consider the incredibly brave men and women who have served our country. This year’s theme is “Service.” What stories come to mind when you think of this word?

One narrative we think of is the origin story of our Military to the Mountain program. Back in 2015, High Fives’ founder Roy Tuscany met Jacob Schick, a third generation marine who was seriously wounded in a 2004 tour in Iraq when the vehicle he was driving hit a triple-stacked tank mine. Roy challenged Schick to come skiing with him that spring—for his first time ever. On day one, Jacob was skiing runs all the way down the mountain—rare for a first timer on the slopes. With this, Military to the Mountain was born.

@Geneikal (Location: Granby Ranch, CO)

High Fives Foundation supports the dreams of veterans who have faced life-changing injuries in the name of loyalty to America. We’ve now introduced 132 veterans to the healing powers of being on the mountain at nine consecutive years of winter sports camps since 2015.

Thank you, veterans! We appreciate you! And thank you to all our partners and supporters of the Military to the Mountain program, one way in which we provide healing services to our veterans.

Learn more about Military to the Mountain HERE.