2024 Costa Rica Open PRO of Adaptive Surfing

The High Fives Foundation recently assisted in hosting a remarkable event at the world-class wave of Boca Barranca, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. From June 19-23, 14 incredible athletes from around the globe gathered for the second consecutive stop of the AASP Pro Adaptive Surfing World Tour. With the second longest left wave of the Pura Vida, Boca Barranca set the stage for fierce competition, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments.

This incredible event saw 13 out of 14 High Fives Athletes make it to the podium, showcasing the high level of competition and skill present at the event. Despite a much smaller swell on the finals day, the athletes delivered outstanding performances, pushing their limits and inspiring all who attended.

Podium Results

  • Waveski WOMEN
    • 1st Place: Alana Nichols
    • 2nd Place: Cassie Eckroth
  • PA. Prone Assist. MEN
    • 1st Place: Claudio Morales
    • 3rd Place: José Martínez
    • 4th Place: Shay Eastham
  • AKU. Above the Knee Upright
    • 3rd Place: Dariel Meléndez
    • 4th Place: Matthew Brewer (first surf competition!)
  • AKK. Any Knee Kneeling. MEN
    • 1st Place: Mark Mano Stewart
    • 2nd Place: Altair Olivares
  • BKS. Below the Knee Standing. MEN
    • 4th Place: Forrest Weingberg
  • AKS. Above the Knee Standing
    • 3rd Place: Josh Bogle
  • Waveski. MEN
    • 3rd Place: Roy Tuscany
    • 4th Place: Daniel Lombardo

The week was filled with memorable experiences, from witnessing breathtaking dawn patrols to navigating the unpredictable Costa Rican weather with afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Volunteers, organizers, and locals played a crucial role in supporting the athletes, creating a supportive and vibrant community. Among the highlights were the unexpected crocodile sightings near the wave break and the beach dogs, including a favorite named Squirrel, who kept everyone company.

Quotes from the Competition

“Claudio’s facial expression as he got brought back to the completion site and hearing his name announced as the winner is a moment I will never forget. Watching each athlete dominate this week was awesome, but Claudio stole the show.”

Roy Tuscany

“To be around so many humans with miracle stories all week in Costa Rica was like witnessing magic in motion!! Just to be present in dawn patrols and the competition was truly a blessing to the soul.”

Josh Bogle

“Costa Rica’s a magical place. It has a unique energy to it that can only be described as Pura Vida. To spend a week there sharing waves and good times with friends is unreal. I had the mindset to win the competition and to be able to accomplish it amongst such a talented group of surfers feels like a dream. The stoke is real!”

Claudio Morales

“It was my pleasure having everyone in my land. It was definitely Costa Rica, we got to see really sunny mornings and then some random heavy rain by mid-day… I got to see everyone smiling riding long left waves, and that’s all for me. Thank you, High Fives, for making this possible. Pura vida.”

Dariel Meléndez

“It’s such a privilege to travel and see how surfing has positively affected a whole culture of people. It’s undeniable that it’s the best thing on the planet. I feel so lucky to be in the small percentage of people that find surfing and furthermore to be a person with a disability to find surfing, feels like a miracle.”

Alana Nichols

The 2024 Open PRO of Adaptive Surfing in Costa Rica showed the love of surfing. We are immensely proud of all the athletes who participated and look forward to more inspiring moments in the future.

Pura Vida!