A healing hand from Charlotte’s Web

Throughout the 11 year history of High Fives Foundation, we have been fortunate to partner up with companies that are doing incredible things to improve and heal others’ lives. It is important for us to align with brands that represent and embody what we stand for.

Charlotte’s Web’s pursuit of health and wellness does just that.

A legacy of Care

Charlotte’s Web CBD began as a way to help a young girl who was suffering. in 2006, Charlotte Figi was only 3 months old when she had her first seizure. Things quickly and negatively progressed. By the time she was three years old, she was having up to 300 grand mal seizures a week lasting up to hours each. The young girl’s health rapidly worsened to the point she could no longer walk, or eat. After countless tests, cat scans, and doctors visits, Charlotte was diagnosed with Dravets Syndrome, a rare genetic form of epilepsy.

Upon diagnosis, Charlotte was inundated with different pharmaceutical remedies to stop the seizures, but the seizures always returned. Charlotte was taking seven different medications with adverse effects to try and control the seizures but traditional medicine was failing her.


The Stanley Brothers (l to r): J. Austin, Jesse, Jon, Josh, Jared, Jordan, and Joel

The Stanley Brothers

Fed up with copious and harmful medications they were giving their then five-year-old daughter, Charlotte’s parents scoured the internet for alternate options to help. This is when they contacted the Stanley Brothers, seven brothers from Colorado Springs who developed the high-CBD, low-THC strain of marijuana.

Immediately the CBD positively effected Charlotte. She had no Seizures the hour following the initial dose. Realizing this was no coincidence Charlotte’s parents administered another dose and yet again the Charlotte had more time without a seizure.

During her first years of treatment with cannabis oil, Charlotte went from having 300 grand mal seizures a week to only two to three a month. She regained many of the abilities she had lost. Within a short time, she was walking and feeding herself again.

Seeing the positive effect their product had on this young girl’s life and the apparent need that they had seen for CBD product to help with many chronic sicknesses and pain.  in 2013 the Stanley Brother named their newly founded CBD Company after Charlotte and Charlotte’s Web CBD was born.

A Relationship built on a High Five.

While High Fives Founder Roy Tuscany was in Dallas, Texas working out at Adaptive Training Foundation. He met the staff of Charlotte’s Web. They had recently come on as a Philanthropic Pillar Partner of The Adaptive Training Foundation, and coincidentally Roy’s class was the first to be supported. immediately upon the first introduction, Charlotte’s Web and  Tuscany felt a strong relationship. Both brands stood for continual self-improvement and had a similar image for what they represented.

After more conversation over workouts at ATF, it was decided. Charlotte’s Web was going to come on as a partner of High Fives as well as ATF. Not only was the amazing healing powers of  Charlotte’s Web CBD going to be used to benefit High Five Athletes in their pursuit of recovery and athletic excellence Charlotte’s Web was also going to support different factions of the Foundation. They came on as a sponsor of all High Five’s adaptive camps, all golf tournaments, The Silver Tie Gala, and the CR Johnson Healing Center as well as the Title Sponsor for The Last High Five Campaign.


Pictured Left to Right:David Vobora of ATF, Matt Lindsey of CW,Roy Tuscany, Zach Riggles of ATF, Gina Tacconi-Moore of ATF, and Joel Stanley of CW Hemp

The Power of Charlotte’s Web

The amount that Charlotte’s Web has given back to the Foundation has been indescribable. Being able to gift friends of the foundation with the gift of sleep, recovery or clarity has been amazing as well as many of our Athletes use the power of CBD after workout or sport sessions as a form of recovery. The healing properties run deeper than just recovery. Unfortunately, often individuals with life-altering injuries will deal with nerve pain that at times can become unbearable. Pharmaceuticals options often don’t work are expensive and unhealthy. A few Charlotte’s web gummies, a drop of tincture, or capsules provides instant nerve relief with no side effects.


I’ve been taking the extra strength hemp extract capsules for a few months now. I’ve found this Charlotte’s Web product to be incredibly beneficial for managing some health issues that come along with being a quadriplegic. More specifically, I’ve found the capsules really help to manage spasticity, muscle pain recovery, sleep & digestion. Their health & wellness cbd products offer simple solutions for active disabled athletes when it comes to managing general health issues that coincide with adaptive sports & general movement for those of us whom are confined to wheelchairs.  I’m grateful for the partnership High Fives & Charlotte’s web have established & excited for other High Fives athletes to reap the benefits of the Charlotte’s Web line of products.

– Jason Abraham, High Fives Athlete

It is important for High Fives to align with brands that embody what we stand for. Health, community, love, and recovery this is exactly what Charlotte’s Web stands for. We love Charlotte’s Web and cannot wait to continue to build a strong relationship over many years to come.

If you would like to improve your overall health or clarity head over to Charlottesweb.com to see how their product can help you become the best version of yourself.


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