Adaptive Advancement: Allard USA – ToeOFF

Adaptive Advancement: Allard USA – ToeOFF

The ToeOff AFO (ankle foot orthotic) System helps people with footdrop, severe ankleinstability, and/or proximalneuromuscular weakness/deficits.

ToeOFF is a new generation AFO, covered by several patents. The design absorbs energy at heel strike and returns it at toe-off, restoring a more normal and dynamic gait. The benefits are the ability to walk further… with greater comfort… and with less impairment of gait pattern, if not normality, ToeOFF is used in conventional shoes and is easy to put on and take off – just two straps attach it to the leg.

It is an advanced and very easy to use rehabilitation orthosis that helps the patient to live an active life. The orthosis stabilizes the ankle and foot and absorbs the forces at heel strike. This results in a more natural and dynamic gait.

The ToeOFF is not only effective, it is also easy to use. It is very light-weight, easy to put on and take off, and easy to adjust. It is also com-fortable to wear. The orthosis fits into the shoe like an insole and accommodates most shoes without having to increase shoe size.

Allard USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Camp Scandinavia AB, based in Helsingborg, Sweden and a worldwide leader of innovative orthotic devices for over 50 years.Allard USA is committed to working together with O&P facilities and medical professionals throughout North America to offer innovative orthotic solutions to help improve function and quality of life for individuals with physical challenges.

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