Congratulations #HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka on an epic season!

Andrew Kurka shares his closing thoughts on his season//

With the plane filling up I am sitting comfortably. Reflecting on my season and looking forward to what’s next. The year ended well, from the podiums in World Cup Finals. All the way to being overall champion at US nationals at Loon Mtn New Hampshire.

Thinking back I’m starting to realize how much I love skiing. From the sponsors and the friends. To the people that believe in me and the difference that can be made and the true impact I can have on others. I go almost instantly from being happy the season is over. To being excited for what is next. After all the season never ends, its simply on to what is next, its simply time to take that next step.


The end of season fundraiser Adaptive Spirit, was another great one. Where I had the chance to see my sponsors, and talk to new ones. Not just about my own personal dreams but the difference we can make together. Whether it’s taking kids with cancer fishing, or veterans. There are people that believe in my cause and to see the support, is all it takes for my mind to fly with excitement of the next step.

Whether it’s cycling, finding a boat for giving that once in a lifetime experience of fishing Alaska, or giving that chance of a lifetime to visit Alaska. I know I will keep taking that next step forward and I am thankful to everyone that helps give me that chance to help others.

As for the US Team and training, our next step will be going to the Olympic Training Center at the beginning of May to work with professional weight lifting coaches on our conditioning and performance goals. It is an exciting next step in strengthening our bodies. Preparing for the up and coming World Cup Season. Where i have a deep down feeling, we will have another dominating season. Thanks to all our support. Which is you, our followers, and the amazing event which is Adaptive Spirit.

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Lastly, I’m excited to announce and share the video of Adaptive Spirit. It has just been released. I can only hope it will bring some perspective and help those that it comes in contact with it.

I believe each of us can make a difference and the athletes of adaptive spirit can have a positive impact on this world. I also have great news, that my dream of being a duel sport athlete is on the way. The High Fives Foundation and Kelly Brush Foundation will be coming together to get me a hand cycle specifically made for competitive racing. With all the training, I can only look forward to another amazing career, more updates to come over the summer. With fishing adventures and cycling, this beautiful adventure of life I can only hope will help inspire, and be a story worth telling.

Watch The Power Of Perspective//

High Five Kurka!

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