#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka shares his story and the difference that can be made for those with disabilities!

Hello from Aspen! Where the training has been fantastic and the racing even better. SuperG training has been in full swing, preparing us for the second SuperG races of the season in Winter Park Colorado. The first races of the season, for the national team, have just ended where we went from some Europa Cups in Pitztal Austria, to a WorldCup in Kuhtai Austria and St Moritz Switzerland. Team USA put down a consistent showing with podiums in nearly every discipline, with Tyler Walker to Laurie Stevens and Thomas Walsh. All putting down consistent finishes.


My personal story though, is one of consistent learning experiences. Though I’m accross the world, with a chance to represent my country, in a beautiful place. Knowing I have been blessed up to this point. Sometimes things just don’t seem to go as perfect as they could. That’s where I would remind myself of a lesson a day. Though I was able to put down a solid performance and a third place in a SuperG in Pitztal. I had some troubles everyday, from a blown shock to technical and personal issues. The thing with the issues are, I looked at them like issues. When truly every tribulation was simply a learning experience. Every learning experience has a positive outcome for the future. Which helps to define the rest of our lives. Though I was sent to represent my country and I did my best in every situation I could. Their were issues and their were learning experiences. Their was a perspective I had to overcome to do the best for myself and those around me. For my country, so I can take the opportunity to inspire and help others, not just with what I’ve learned but in my perspective on life and choices. That’s where a lesson a day can truly make a difference. Even if it’s something that seems difficult and you don’t know how to handle it. Sometimes you have to take a step back, look at it and learn from it. An issue now, can make a difference later.


I’m currently in the process of raising funds for Pyeong Chang 2018 and the dreams I have to make a difference for others. From a simple website, to an adaptive boat and fishing program.


Please share the link with everyone you can find. Please share the story and the difference that can be made for those with disabilities.

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