Athlete of the Week

Athlete Belt Goal | Candy Dungan
#highfivesathlete Candice Dungan luges to her second goal Goal 2: Luge at the World Championship event! You've seen many different sports featured on this blog and on High Five's social channels. Mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing; our athletes are really pushing the boundaries in so many different sports. But luge? Even though you may be...
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High Fives Athlete of the Week | Daniel Soller aka Danimal
Meet #HighFivesAthlete & Craig Hospital patient Daniel Soller aka Danimal The Craig Hospital Foundation’s Patient Assistance Fund helps patients travel to and from Craig, purchase equipment like wheelchairs and shower chairs, remodel homes for accessibility, train caregivers, pay mortgages and rent, and meet other urgent needs. Nate Hills recently featured Danimal on his blog! "My...
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