Ryan Lawrence Shreds through Arcade Belt Goal number 4
Goal 4: Organize and shred an Adaptive Heli-Biking trip in Retallack BC With the crazy times, we are now experiencing it is important for us to look back and take a moment to reflect on our Athletes who are leaving their comfort zone in exchange for adventure and progression of self and sport. Ryan St.Lawrence...
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The Power of the Bowhead Corp Bikes
It is really difficult to understate the importance of inclusive sport for our athletes or anyone with a disability both for physical and mental health. Often it can be tough to find a sport that you can compete with your friends with or even just a sport where you can do it with them without...
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A healing hand from Charlotte’s Web
Throughout the 11 year history of High Fives Foundation, we have been fortunate to partner up with companies that are doing incredible things to improve and heal others' lives. It is important for us to align with brands that represent and embody what we stand for. Charlotte's Web's pursuit of health and wellness does just...
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Goal 1: Walk with a KAFO brace around the entire rehab complex within the time frame of a therapy session   It is is amazing getting to contact an Athlete about a goal they have set, and then seeing them putting in the time and work to make it happen. This is exactly what happened...
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#HighFivesAthlete Jesse Alberi
#HighFivesAthlete Jesse Alberi Goal 1: Continue to build Access Unlimited into an organization that has the resources needed to give others the opportunity to experience the healing of mother nature Goal 2: Show that a paraplegic can fish the salt as good as an able body just as most accidents happen 29 year old Jesse...
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