High Fives Belt Goal

With each new grant cycle, we find ourselves looking back at past goals that Athletes had set and get an incredibly proud feeling. Athletes tend to set goals for themselves that are far from easy, but they rise to the occasion. They should feel very proud of the goals they set and were able to accomplish. We give them the platform to write down their goal. Other than that, it is almost exclusively on them to complete the goal.


We wanted to highlight the individuals who were able to conquer their challenges and complete their most recent belt goals. Although every single goal is incredibly important to us, we felt these few goals deserved more explanation and context.

Name: Laura Grabowski

Goal: My best friend has been riding without me for 3.5 years. I want to surprise her on her birthday ride by showing up with a bike

Completion Date: Fall 2022


after injury I cut off a ton of my biking friends, stopping using social media, Strava, etc. because I was so sad and depressed thinking that was all taken from me and I would never be a part of that world again. Now whenever those feelings creep in I remind myself “ hey that ride/trip/experience is totally possible for you now” and I have to pinch myself every time. That bike is just everything. My friends are dying to ride with me and help however they can. It shocks me still because I placed so much of my self worth on my athletic abilities. I still struggle but starting to change that thinking because Bowhead is an animal in itself!

  • Laura Grabowski High Fives Athlete #470
Laura Grabowski
Casey Proud!

Name: Casey Proud

Goal: Win the Prone Unassist ISA World Championship

Completion Date: December 11, 2022


I felt a new sense of self and purpose. Going through the stages of dreaming, working hard, then winning has changed how I look at challenges and question the ‘limits’ I might run into!

Casey Proud High Fives Athlete # 508

Name: Andrew Mangan

Goal: Qualify for the 2022 Rowing World Championships. Similarly, if my 2k is below 9 minutes that would also be seen as a success.

It was an awesome experience being able to compete against the best in the world. I had a successful week and ended up 10th but it really motivated me to train even harder this year to try and qualify for the Paris Olympics at this year’s worlds.

I have been training and working towards competing at worlds for almost 3 years so just going with the National team was tremendous. My entire training this year will be done in a new shell that I was able to purchase through the empowerment fund!

Andrew Mangan High Fives Athlete #330

Andrew Mangan
Susan Curtin

Name: Susan Curtin

Goal: Have my own monoski set up next season and ready to go to be able to ski with my husband and friends. Specifically I want to be skiing blue runs from the top of our local mountain and other mountains.


The thrill of getting out and going fast in the monoski has been an amazing and fun skill to pursue post spinal cord injury- Now having my own I can get out more with my friends. Skiing is more than just fun though- it’s part of a bigger story with relationships with our skiing friends, with ourselves, with the earth, snow, and mountains that it takes us to. It’s all part of being in the community.

Susan Curtin High Fives Athlete #414

Every completed and uncompleted goal is important to us. Below are all goals recently completed by Athletes.

Way to go Athletes!

Dillon McHugh: be able to kick the right leg straight on a powder board (side lying with limited gravity).

Wufky Crosby: to compete in the livewire classic series at northstar,

Robert Kokoszyna: To Master the art of Waveski.

Eric Leverson: To walk with just one cane or completely unassisted

Eric Wang: Try more adaptive sports

Ashley Bunting: Be able to push independently through gravel/dirt terrain 15 feet. 2 weeks after I get my chair

Micaela Jellison: One of my goals is to be able to bench the bar while doing 5 reps when I am at the gym.

Stephen Peterson: To be comfortable on an upright bike and bike 15 miles a week to start.

Rosa Malloy Post: I would like to work out x3 per week

Nicholas Miles: Be able to wake surf in any capacity.

Daewon Rojas-Mickelson: Ride in an adaptive group ride of at least 20 miles.

Dani Engmark: To safely get outside with my dog, Neva 5-6 days/week using my new mobility aid: a wheelchair and to find an accessible paved path in the mountains where I can explore and breathe fresh mountain air.

Patrick Sails: My short term goal is to walk without a limp/hobble by July 2022.

Ricci Kilgore: To get a reliable adaptive van so that I can be able to function mentally, emotionally and physically so I can be apart of Reno HighFives adaptive hockey team and have camaraderie apart of my life again.

Ronan Patel: I would like to be able to drive.

David Wiener: To increase my range of motion and autonomous movement below the break.

Jeff Andrews: To make the us development camp for the usawr team

Shane Heinle: solo transfers

Cassie Eckroth: My goal by the end of 2022 is to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself that I can be

Drew Stephens: The area I live in has a ton of trails for hiking and biking, but I have not accessed many of them due to the lack of appropriate adaptive equipment. My first goal is to ride the M-Hill Trail System which is in the center of town. It is one of the most utilized trail systems in my area and I want to assess it for accessibility, particularly noting and addressing any changes that could accommodate more of the community.

John Ciszczon: I’d like to bike for a distance of 1 mile in less than 30 minutes.

Cyrus Lewis: My goal is to be able to push up the ramp into my house in my manual chair.

Daniel Zehr: To be able to independently transfer from my wheelchair onto a bed, couch, and into a vehicle by the end of this year. This functional goal would drastically improve my quality of life and put me one giant step closer to living independently.

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program

The Arcade Belt Program

The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. 


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