Austin Price’s Journey, A Surprise to Remember

Austin Price, a spirited motorcyclist, was cruising home after a delightful day with his companions. Merely three blocks away from his abode, as he navigated a sharp bend, fate took a cruel turn. Leaning precariously into the curve, Austin’s foot peg suddenly folded, causing his bike to skid violently. The ensuing collision with an oncoming vehicle launched him into the air, leaving him with life-altering injuries.

Reaching out to the High Fives Foundation, Austin discovered a community that understood his struggles and shared his determination to overcome them. Through their programs and support, he found a beacon of hope amidst the darkness of his accident.

A Surprise to Remember

As the evening reached its pinnacle, Roy Tuscany, founder of the High Fives Foundation, took to the stage with a surprise that would leave an indelible mark on Austin’s journey. With tears of joy and gratitude, Austin was presented with a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle, a symbol of his unwavering strength and the limitless possibilities that lay ahead.

This Harley Davidson motorcycle was paid for through a partnership with DIXXON Flannel.