Binding-Less | Athlete Video


A video by Brenden Lisi

The story of #HighFivesAthlete Robbie Knab and his close connection to something that wasn’t connected, A snowskate.

Watch as Robbie blows minds but also sustained a severe spinal cord injury in a sheer ‘bad luck accident’ and becomes paralyzed from the shoulders down where his C5 nerve damage begins. This all took place at Crystal Mountain, WA during Snowboarder Magazines Superpark 22. His ways of overcoming and adapting are just as big or bigger than his feats were on his snowskate last season. Watch to see how his family, friends and even complete strangers have all come together to help Rob during this difficult time. 

Thank God for my Family and Friends

#HighFivesAthlete Robbie Knab


Rob has been doing pretty well, he got to go sit-skiing twice so far in 2020 and he loves it. He’s also received his bowhead bike and rides it around the neighborhood almost everyday. He received his new motorized wheel chair which allows him to stand helping him with his stretching, which helps with spasms, and overall ability to move around. The ability for Rob to be able to go outside more often has his spirits higher than ever since his accident.

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