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#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka’s Season Update!

Thank you Andrew for sharing your winter story! Congratulations and good luck in your upcoming adventures and races at the World Cup in Japan and PyeongChang!


Hello from Aspen!

Where the team is back for a short amount of time before heading to the next races in Kimberly Canada and Park City Utah. We have just gotten back from some great World Cup races in Europe and World Championships in Italy. The team was able to stay consistent and put down some awesome podiums that are giving some good momentum leading up to our next World Cup races in Japan and PyeongChang. The test event for the Paralympics in 2018. Below is a brief synapsis of my thoughts and times of this great trip.

Adventure comes in many shapes and sizes. Some live a life of adventure, some live to experience adventure. Some make it their souls purpose. For me, adventure is a pastime, something I seek with every chance I get. Something easy when skiing on the US Ski Team. Something that helps make the days away from home and the long moments that fill the days go by much easier. This last trip filled with adventure ranged through a good deal of Europe. The trip started with landing in Munich Germany, the first World Cup race was in InnerKrems Austria with Downhills and SuperGs, followed by GS and Slalom in Kranjska Gora Slovenia. The last race of the recent trip was World Championships in Tarvisio Italy, where the races started with Downhill and SuperG where I managed a Gold and bronze. Marking my first major win, becoming world champion in Downhill, managing a bronze in the SuperG and silver in the GS. Crashing in the SuperCombined and Slalom.


Making this trip mean even more on a personal level.Was the fact i was able to overcome a busted rib from a slalom injury in Slovenia. Making the victory mean that much more on a personal level. The journey to being world champion though fun and sprinkled with slight disaster. Had moment of memories that will forever stay with me. From winning gold and becoming world champion to taking a take and finding peace at the top of a mountain with friends adventuring ruins. This World Championships is bound to be one i am always thankful for.

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