Mike Pingatore

Mike Pingatore | Chico, CA

Mike was in a car accident on February 20th, 2017. He was driving home at night during a really bad storm. His car hydroplaned and the winds pushed his car into a muddy almond orchard into three trees. From the result of hitting those trees on the passenger side of the car, Mike’s spine dislocated and severed his spinal cord at L2/3 while causing damage up to T10.

While Mike is still seeing how much nerve regeneration he will get back (hopefully all of them), his goal is to get back as much motor function as possible in his legs and to stay physically active as much as possible.

Mike trains at the CR Johnson Healing Center all the time, and is making strides daily. He currently walks assisted.

“Each week I travel from Chico, CA to Truckee, CA for training and rehabilitation sessions at the CR Johnson Healing Center.”



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