It’s a wrap on Bocce, which means the Bucket Raffle Auction winners are announced!

A Bucket Raffle auction is a combination of a raffle and an auction with a twist. It’s a fun and exciting way to raise money!  The attendees at the 6th annual Bocce Tournament got the chance to vote for the items they would most like to win by distributing their tickets accordingly.

Bucket Raffle Auction Prize Winner
3 x Nights in Wine Country Susan Asher
The Nomad RKR SKNY Mike Hambacher
Garys’ Vineyard Past Vintage Vertical Box Nate Holland
2 x Pairs of Smith Optics Lowdown Sunglasses Shook
2 x Pairs of Sanuk Shoes Kiana
2 x TahoeMade Attire Sweatshirts Billy Watters
KOSS PRODJ200 Headphones Amanda Deaderick
Eric Pollard Pro-Model Topsheets Kiana
2 x CA89 Sweatshirts Joe Trombetta
4 x pack of High Fives Bamboo Beer Koozies Susan Asher
2 x Arcade Belts Heidi S.

High Five! Your support gives us the great opportunity to help High Fives Athletes and to continue being the safety net of the winter sports community.

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