Casting flies and telling lies | High Fives Tahoe Fish Camp

Fishing is potentially overlooked as something that High Fives really enjoys. Surfing waves in Maui or Shredding bike trails at Northstar are obviously exciting and very fun to watch, but at times it may seem that these sports overshadow the serenity, connection, and bond built while being on the water and taking some time to reflect and appreciate the smaller things while waiting for the big one to grab your hook.

Just as much as surf, bike, dirt, or ski, fishing is one of the Five Pillars in which High Fives uses to bring together community, instill confidence, and inspire healing and personal growth within our Ohana.

FISH – Fly fishing is a sport of patience and meditation. Each cast provides a moment of calm before the excitement of reeling in a big catch!

With that in mind, we were thrilled to gather some Athletes in Truckee, California, and get them on the river with the promise of beautiful fish to be caught.

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To experience the beautiful river, we were able to bring out 5 Athletes who had never been on the Truckee flyfishing camp, Sean Kent, Kenny, Cassie Eckroth, Ricci Kilgore, and Todd Wolfe, as well as multiple members of the High Fives staff.

As expected, the cooler fall weather brought in hungry fish. Cool mornings coupled with beautiful warm afternoons made the perfect days. But, if you have the fishing bug, you also know that the weather doesn’t matter nearly as much when the fish are biting.

On top of good weather and biting fish, having some of the High Fives staff was another bonus of this camp; with the river very close to the High Five’s office, staff members could go fishing with the Athletes. It was rewarding and motivating for the staff to see the hard work they do to make these events happen pay off in the face of a smiling Athlete

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This year’s Truckee Flight Fishing Camp was a great experience for everyone attending. Thanks to support from the local fly fishing community, we were provided access to a couple unique and scenic locations right in the Truckee neighborhood. While these locations may have been lacking in ease of accessibility, they made up for it with beautiful scenery and bountiful fishing. High Fives Athletes, guides, and staff all came together to adapt the environment and equipment to work for each individual, and the camp was a complete success. Fish were caught, smiles were plentiful, and it was an all-around great time.

-Bryce Grebitus, Adminstrative & CRM Coordinator with High Fives Foundation

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This was a very special camp, and we are so thankful to the amazing community of Truckee for allowing us to make this happen. This camp would not possible without support from  Matt Heron Flyfishing, Xtra Tuff and Eddie Bauer . 


Thank you

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