Community Bike Day Celebrates All Abilities in Reno

In a remarkable display of collaboration and inclusivity, the High Fives Foundation, Sky Tavern, and the City of Reno joined forces to host a Community Bike Day. This extraordinary event, held with the aim of bringing people of all abilities together, provided free bike rentals and showcased a range of adaptive bikes. With support from esteemed partners like DripDrop Beverages, Flylow Gear, Muc-Off, and coverage by 2 News KTVN, the event fostered a sense of community, celebrated athleticism, and promoted accessible trails in Reno.

The event featured an impressive array of adaptive bikes, specially designed to accommodate various abilities. From handcycles to recumbent bikes and inclusive trikes, each participant found a bike perfectly suited to their needs. A remarkable group of 12 adaptive athletes showcased their skills, inspiring others with their determination and athleticism.

DripDrop Beverages, committed to keeping everyone hydrated, ensured that participants had refreshing beverages throughout the day. Flylow Gear added a touch of style, providing participants with functional and fashionable cycling apparel. Muc-Off, with their expertise in bike care, had a booth where attendees could learn about bike maintenance and enjoy clean, well-maintained bicycles.

The event also provided an opportunity for community members to explore accessible trails. Trails built wider to accommodate different abilities were showcased, allowing individuals to experience the joy of outdoor adventures without limitations. This initiative aimed to promote inclusive outdoor spaces and encourage further accessibility efforts within the community.

The collaboration between the High Fives Foundation, Sky Tavern, and the City of Reno for the Community Bike Day showcased the power of unity and inclusivity. With adaptive bikes, the support of partner organizations, media coverage, and accessible trails, the event brought together a diverse community to celebrate the joy of cycling. By embracing the spirit of inclusion, Reno took a significant step towards creating a more accessible and supportive environment for all individuals, ensuring that nobody is left behind in the pursuit of outdoor adventures and athletic achievements.