Congratulations to Carry the Load!

Carry the Load 2014
Congratulations to All the Participated in the 2014 Memorial Day Relays for Carry the Load! (Photo Copyright: Carry the Load)

High Fives to Everyone that Completed the 2014 Relays for Carry the Load!

Restoring the true meaning of Memorial Day by remembering and honoring America’s heroes. Who Are You Carrying? 

On May 26, 2014 over 300 relays across the country culminated  with thousands of supporters successfully raising funds for Carry the Load!

  • The Carry The Load Memorial May National Relay is a 2,000-mile relay with 348 legs from West Point, NY to Dallas, TX. Participants competed in teams in this epic show of support for the American heroes that go to work to keep us safe every day.
  • The Dallas Memorial Day March was held on May 26, invited participants to join in all or part of the 20 hour and 14 minute Memorial March in Dallas, TX. Team’s were put together to join the mission to honor our nation’s heroes.
  • Local Events (via seven locations across the country, and also held on May 26) invited participants to join in city-wide event or a smaller, neighborhood gatherings to honor our nation’s heroes. Team’s were put together  to join the mission or simply come out and show their support.

Carry the Load’s Mission: To highlight the meaning of Memorial Day across America, ultimately driving attention and steering resources towards existing non-profit organizations already supporting veteran families and veteran organizations.

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