Meet Ejay O’Donnell from High Fives Five for Fives Partner!

For those readers out there not familiar with you and, can you give them a quick overview of what it is that you do?

Ejay: First off, I want to say thank you for reaching out to us for the ‘Ask a Partner’ questionnaire! We are fired up. At, located in Tukwila, WA, we are a full service sticker, banner, sign and Vehicle Wrap manufacturing company. Specializing in vinyl & banner printing since 2002, we have a full in-house team of 30 humans that produce stickers, banners and signage to 8,000+ customers world-wide.

How did you get involved with the High Fives Foundation? 

Ejay: We were introduced to High Fives/Roy Tuscany back in 2009, from a referral from Ethan Martin. Coming from snowboarding, we had a tremendous amount of respect for what High Fives was all about. Injuries are a real thing to those who risk their bodies for what they love, and it hit close to home, knowing a lot of friends that could really benefit from their program – so we had to be a part of it in some way.

How does your company support High Fives? 

Ejay: What started out as basic discounts on stickers and banners, we have sponsored many events over the past 7 years and are currently involved in their Five for Five Program. For every 5,000 die-cuts we produce, we donate $5.00 to High Fives.

What is your favorite High Fives Memory?

Ejay: Every year at SIA, in Denver, CO, we meet-up with Roy and the crew for either dinner, breakfast or just being able to spend some quality time discussing what their next phase is, how we can become more involved and contribute more. Overall, our favorite memory is a living one – becoming greats friends with High Fives, outside of the business side.

What does High Fives mean to you?

Ejay: High Fives means hope. Not just to get back on the hill, doing the thing you love, but just being able to have a life. Support, motivation, inspiration, hope, achievement. It’s more than sports, but it’s about true care for another human being to such a level that is unparalleled. They are changing lives, and we want to support that forever.


How can others get involved helping High Fives through DCS?

Ejay: Simple – ask me for an intro! I’ll set you up with an email to the team. Any time, any place, let’s make it happen!

THE CALL OUT! What other company do you think should get involved with the Five for Fives program?

Ejay: I am recommending reaching out to KAVU. They are an Outdoor Wear Brand here in Ballard, WA and an incredible brand, caring people and a live life on the edge. Ask for Tyler!

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